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How to Enhance Motherhood and Accountability with Technology You Have In the Home: A Soundtrack to Success

Explore how Spotify and Sonos unexpectedly support productivity and self-improvement, reshaping daily routines and fostering accountability. Discover the transformative potential of sound to shape habits and mindset, empowering personal growth and intentional living.

We're all struggling. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Life nowadays is fraught with expectations, distractions, and all the technology-enthused stimulation one can ask for. We have so much choice in any given moment – choice in what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. In today's world, where everything pulls on our attention, and intentional living, feels like an elusive dream, harnessing tools that promote focus, accountability, and motivation is invaluable. Enter Sonos and Spotify, your unexpected allies in the journey toward enhanced productivity and self-improvement. This article delves into how Spotify can become a catalyst for transforming your daily habits, fostering accountability, and ultimately shaping the individual you aspire to be.

Unlocking Potential with Spotify and Sonos

Recently, I've been prioritising my physical and mental well-being. I'm keen on exercise, stretching, and meditation, sensing that committing a little more to these activities will benefit my body and mind. Research consistently supports the benefits of activities like meditation, exercise, and journaling on mental and physical health. Meditation boosts our mood, manages anxiety and depression symptoms, and improves attention and memory; journaling reduces stress, enhances self-awareness, promotes emotional regulation, and even strengthens resilience in the face of challenge; and daily physical activity correlates with stronger immune systems, reduces our risk of chronic diseases, and increases our energy level. However, integrating these practices into daily life remained a challenge. 

Occasional successes feel sporadic. When my husband convinced me to do a triathlon abroad under the guise of our making it a holiday, or when I read the Artist’s Way and fell in love with the notion of journaling and was momentarily religious about my morning pages, or on learning of Sam Harris's evidence-based research on meditation and that some of my favourite writers, Yuval Harari, meditated for 2 hours a day and decided to join a meditative group, I was able to commit. Despite these sparks of enthusiasm, these instances didn't translate into consistent habits. Each morning, I'd wake up, willing myself to begin. I knew I had limited time before my kids or husband interrupted my morning routine. Yet, I felt stuck. The guilt mounted as the disparity between my expectations and reality widened with every snooze and the onset of family responsibilities.

Reshaping Identity Through Sound

The realization dawned that my conventional approaches to goal-setting might be flawed. Inspired by James Clear's insights, I reconsidered my approach. Were my lofty goals for triathlon and meditation shortsighted? Could I instead focus on doing one thing every day that propelled me towards the person I wanted to become, as Clear suggested?  It’s the ex-smoker that says, they’re no longer a smoker that has the most success. Not the one that refuses a cigarette saying, ‘I’m trying to quit’. My Sonos sound system and Spotify, all of a sudden emerged to me as not just technology in my house but rather tangible tools that I could use to aid my identity creation. Lofty goals indeed, but bear with me. If I can infuse my daily routines with curated soundtracks, in a way that aligns them with my personal growth objectives, perhaps you can too.

Automating Actions and Fostering Commitment

Desiring to move, meditate, and journal more, and realising that my identity drives my actions, necessitated that I define who I want to become in picking up the identified habits. The Latin derivative of identity, "to be," emphasises repetition. What did I need to repeatedly be to achieve my goals? I decided I needed to be someone who runs because they want to live a long life and see their children and grandchildren-to-be, grow up. I decided I wanted to be someone who was calm, collected and in control of their mind as a result of my 10-minute guided meditations. I decided I wanted to be someone who is self-aware and understands their motivations and what drives their decision-making, by completing my daily journaling. Introducing these habits was not merely about doing the things I thought I ‘should’ be doing, or what everyone else says is good for me, it was about becoming the person I wanted to be - physically healthy, clear of mind and self-reflective. This reframed my thinking and I wanted to cast a vote every day for these people, by choosing habits that helped me move towards these desired identities.

Instead of asking what music suits these activities, I considered: What would someone striving for physical health, mental clarity, and self-reflection listen to? Exploring Spotify, I found invigorating fitness tracks, tranquil guided meditation playlists, and motivating instrumental music, all aligning with the identity I aimed to embody.

Spotify and Sonos as your Accountable Companion

In the realm of self-improvement, accountability often stands as the linchpin for success. Spotify (combined with my Sonos sound system) assumed the role of a supportive friend, introducing a compelling voice into my mental space, serving as a reminder of who I wanted to become. The curated audio served as a constant reminder of aspirations, drowning out the inner resistance to change. The motivational speeches that played 15 minutes before my morning run served as an encouraging companion in my house, pushing me forward when my will was weak. Choosing the right voices and sounds for my Sonos became critical. Words and music have profound impacts, and selecting those that positively influence my internal voice and soul became imperative. 

My new accountability friend also seamlessly entered the equation by synchronizing tailored playlists and tracks to designated times, streamlining my transition from decision-making to action. This automation eliminated my need to constantly deliberate. It empowered me to get straight to the execution.

Embrace Sound, Empower Transformation

Embracing Spotify as a catalyst for change opens a realm of possibilities, so go forth now and explore how far you can take this. For me, my Sonos productivity system gradually impacted not just my life but also my family's. Sharing these strategies with my children especially, has benefited them too. For instance, a 'Time to go to school' soundtrack cues my kids to prepare for school, and a 'tidy up' playlist reminds us to tidy up after dinner, ensuring a clean house the next day. There's also 'table time' music for homework sessions. From morning wake-up cues to bedtime rituals, the integration of sound for various activities can streamline and enhance family dynamics.

In conclusion, Spotify and Sonos are not just music streaming platforms and sound systems; (respectively); they're your gateway to productivity, accountability, and personal transformation. Their ability to automate actions, shape mindsets, and foster accountability heralds a new era in self-improvement. By harnessing the power of sound, Spotify and Sonos become pivotal partners on the journey toward becoming the best version of yourself.

As you embark on this transformative journey, remember that the right soundtrack can redefine your reality. This is not an ad for Spotify or Sonos, any music subscription or home sound system will do. Most of us already have something that can play music on an alarm system. Use audio in whatever form works for you, and discover the impact of the right soundtrack on shaping habits and mindset and the endless possibilities it holds for personal growth. It's time to set up your system—today marks the beginning of a new chapter in your journey to self-improvement.

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